Stairlift Troubleshooting & Fault Codes

Fault codes & meanings for the Minivator & Handicare 950, 1000, 2000 stairlifts

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Handicare Stairlift 950 / 1000 / 2000 and Minivator Stair Lift Fault Codes.

The Handicare and Minivator stairlifts mentioned above all share the same fault codes for stair lift troubleshooting and fault finding.

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no displayPlease be sure that your stair lift is turned on and charger is plugged in. If this does not fix the issue call Stairlifts Direct for a stair lift repair.
– CodeNormal operation.
O CodeThe final limit switch on the stairlift has been activated. Or your lifts key is in the off position, make sure the emergancy stop has not been activated.
1 CodeThe stairs lift is in need of charging please make sure your lift is on a charge point and the charger is on.
2 CodeThe stairs lift is in need of charging please make sure your lift is on a charge point and the charger is on.
3 CodeFinal limit has been reached on the rail. For a right sided lift it means the lift is completely at the top of the rail, for left sided stair lift it is at the very bottom.
4 Codethe foot plate safety switches have been activated please check for any obstructions.
5 CodeEnd of rail has been reached, right sided lift is stuck at the bottom, left handed lift is stuck at the top.
6 CodeOne or more of the safety edges have been activated on the stairlift check for any obstructions.
7 CodeThe stairlift batteries are extremely low place the lift on a charge point for a couple of hours to recharge the batteries.
8 / 9 CodeThe stairs lift is being sent up or down the rail by means of the hand controls on the lift.
A CodeThe hinge on the stairlift rail is currently open, if the problem continues call stairlifts direct for a stairlift repair quote.
B CodeToggle switch is currently active , please see that it is in neutral to continue.
C CodeThe stairlift remotes have not been programmed to the lift correctly.
D / E CodeThe stairlift has a relay fault on the control board, please contact a stairlift company.
F CodeTheir is a problem with the electro magnetic brake on the stairlift. Call Stairlift Engineer.
G CodeThe Motor brake may not be connected, if it is it needs changing.
H CodeThe relay or PCB control board may need changing on the lift.
J CodeThe hinge on the stairlift has a locking or sticking error, please contact your stairlift company.
L CodeThe user weight limit may have been exceeded or you have a faulty stairlift motor.
N CodeLow speed detected this can be due to weak or faulty stairlift batteries.
0 CodeYour stairlift most likely has a faulty pcb please contact for a stairlift repair.
P CodeLoss of signal to powered swivel seat, try holding the up position to correct.
R CodeNo charge has been detected, please make sure charger is plugged in and power supply is correct.
U CodeFaulty charger please replace the charger.
YPCB needs changing.
.II.Over current has been detected and the drive unit on the stairlift will most likely need replacing.
.8.The chairlift is currently in hibernation mode call to wake.

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