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If your stairs has any turns on it you will need a curved Stairlift. The curved stair lift rail has turns and bends in it which allow the stairlift to travel around bends.

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Thyssen Flow 2A Curved Stairlift.

The Thyssen Flow 2A Curved Stairlift is as sleek in its design as it is in its appearance. This curved stairlift has been designed to fit on the narrowest of stairs where other curved stair lifts fail.

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Platinum Curved Stairlift

The Platinum curved stairlift is one of the leading and most reliable curved stairlifts on the market and has been for some time. Its twin rail system ensures stability and strength from the bottom to the top of the rail. Its Choice of leather seat covers allow it to blend into any house hold seamlessly. By Far the platinum curved stairlift has to be one of the most affordable and reliable curved stair lifts on the European market.

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